What Are The Best Brands For Massage Chairs?

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With the rise of massage chair varieties in the market it’s a bit hard to make the right decision when it comes to getting the best massage recliner for you and your family. There are a few brands that are in the market and are known to make great massage chairs. Enjoy the luxurious feel of owning a massage chair at the comfort of your home.

Best Brands For Massage Chairs?


This is one of the most famous brands in the electronic field. They have products ranging from home theaters, iron boxes, TVs and it was only a matter of time before they ventured into the massage chairs. For the lovers of the Panasonic brand then buying a massage recliner from this brand will surely satisfy you. Although the massage chairs only make a small chunk of all the electronics produced by Panasonic they are already giving competition to other brands at an alarming rate. Their massage chairs are constructed in a sleek, luxurious, and ergonomic manner. This aspect will give your house or spa that amazing luxurious feeling. Like most of their electronic the Panasonic massage chairs are boosted with a warranty to guarantee their service for a life time. Panasonic made a grand decision by launching their massage chairs which provides the needed comfort for a massage recliner.

osaki massage chairs


This is among the major companies that produce massage recliners. This brand is well known for most of its fitness equipment’s.  Osaki brand is highly famous among the athletes and fitness couches because it provides some of the best fitness equipment. Osaki’s true game is the introduction of the OS-4000 high end massage recliner. Moreover, this massage chair provides all the comfort needed and it relaxes your muscles and leaves you feeling amazing. Osaki brand of massage chair is among the top most used massage recliners. Owning an Osaki brand massage chair is the ultimate show of a luxurious life and having the best money can buy. The major challenge facing this brand is the introduction of cheaper brands in the market which promise to provide the same comfort and use.

Inada massage chairs


Inada brand is a well-known brand of massage chairs across the world. Whenever you hear about massage chairs the first brand that comes to your mind in Inada. This brand is named after the Japanese family that came up with the company. Inada brand is mostly famous because of its amazing improvements in the massage recliners. With the rise in competition the Inada brand company aims at improving the technology and the comfort of their chairs. These always ensure that they stay at the top of the competition. Though getting a massage recliner from this brand tops the price charts, the brand has all the latest technology. Moreover, the massage recliners are among the best in the market and offer the highest quality value of your money. This massage chairs are made from high quality long lasting materials that give you service for a lifetime. An added advantage that makes this brand stand out is the fact that they have an amazing research team that always ensures that this brand has the latest design and fastest growing technology.

Human touch massage chair

Human touch

Human touch brand is well known across all markets most especially for its unique and stylish massage recliners. The massage recliners are designed with a smaller frame in the top parts as opposed to other brands; this makes the smaller frame their signature style. Most of these massage recliners are better suited to people who live in small apartments or condos. Getting the human touch brand of massage recliners always gives the illusion that your apartment is more spacious. An interesting fact is that they have human touch wellness council which takes care of all the issues and details about their massage chairs. Human touch brand has maintained its customers for a long time by coming up with a series of massage recliners to give the customers a variety of choices. Human touch brand is known for creating a luxurious ergonomic massage recliner.

Bestmassage massage chairs

Best massage

Best massage Brand Company is on the rising because of the provision of affordable massage recliners. This brand is perfect for those planning to start a spa and salon since they not only provide massage chairs but also massage tables and other massage products. They offer a pocket friendly price and help you stick to your budget and open a stylish and luxurious spa. If you are a student and want to have that amazing massage chair in your apartment but you are worried about stretching your budget too far. Then worry not because best massage brand has got you covered. All their massage chairs, tables and all massage products come at a very affordable price that ensures that everybody gets a luxurious treatment at a fair price. A unique feature about this brand is the fact that they are a ‘green company’ because they use solar power at their headquarters. This has helped them draw in more customers who are interested in environmental awareness.

Luraco Massage Chair


Are you looking for a rugged and edgy look for your massage recliner? Then Luraco brand is the way to go for you. Luraco brand is responsible for making not only massage chairs but also most of the military and industrial products. This maybe the major reason why they make their massage chairs with that rugged, artistic look that gives the massage chairs a manly look so to say. This massage chair is the perfect gift for a guy to fit in their man cave as it easily blends with the entire luxurious, edgy and rustic look in the man cave. A unique feature is that the massage chairs comes equipped with a voice commands and a monitor to check your blood pressure and heart rate. However, the massage recliners are on the high end of the price chart. This is easily made up for by the fact that it has all the latest technology and it’s worth the state of the art features.



I hope this article will help you in finding the perfect brand for you. It’s time to kick it, relax and enjoy a massage at your own home without the expense of going to a spa.

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