Why Should I Buy Timeless Chairs?

Christopher Burns @christopher__burnsAfter you get a new house – either you rent or buy – the next logical thing to do is to decorate the home.

You have the option of hiring an interior designer or do it yourself.

If there is anything that is ever true, it is the fact that your furniture would have to match the design you or your designer choose. It is not just only in colour but also the style of the furniture.

To choose a great style, it is better to determine timelessly designed chairs that have survived over the years. The reason you have to is that these designs have shown that it is not just classic but can be adapted to fit any designs.

This post will help you see why you should opt for a timelessly designed chair as opposed to choosing the regular ones.

eames chair

Why Choose a Timeless Chair?

The following reasons should make you see why you need to settle for a timeless piece of furniture.

  1. They Have Artistic Value.

Most chairs that are timeless in design were made for their art value. For instance, the Moulded Chair by Charles and Ray Eames was designed after the Great Wars as part of a competition hosted by the Museum for Modern Art.

Acquiring any of this timeless piece in your house is one way to incorporate art into your house. It doesn’t look like antique but rather an object you can make use of.

  1. They Usually Have High Quality.

As above, most of these timeless design was made for nobles. Some were also made for competitions. The Barcelona Chair, for example, was designed to not just be in the pavilion of Ludwig Mises van der Rohe but to also host the king and Queen of Spain. Would there be a better person to value quality design than the royalty of Spain?

Alexandra Gorn @alexagorn
  1. They Are a Piece of History

Most of these chairs have colourful history attached to them. Imagine you sitting in a chair that is a redesign of Louis XVI. That is the Ghost Chair! A design made by Phillipe Starck.

Likewise are several other Timeless Chairs which are as a result of a particular event. The Moulded Chair is also another example of great history. Its users would appreciate the fact that there is furniture that is a response to the post-war poverty of the previous century.

  1. They Are Modern

The fact that the chairs have users in this century shows that the timeless piece of furniture is truly modern. Not only is that the design is cool it is also something that could go into the next century without serious modification being done on it.

Kari Shea @karishea

Summing Up.

The long and short of it all is that timeless chairs are a great piece of furniture. Thus, you will be having value for your money.

However, it should be noted that except for some few which can be knocked off and made for cheap, the most are expensive. That should not scare you as it is said: “nothing good comes cheap.”

What do you think?

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