How Does A Massage Chair Work?

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Ever been so tired after a long day and all you wanted was a massage? Then this can be easily achieved in the comfort of your home. Massage recliners are gaining popularity around the globe and most people are investing in them. Let’s face it with most of the working citizens having less time to visit a massage parlor the easiest option is to have a massage chair at their home. Owning a massage recliner used to be a luxury but that has since changed and now it’s considered a household need. You do not need to spend most of your free time trying to rush to a massage spa while you can have that same experience at the comfort of your home. A massage recliner is a chair built with mechanisms to massage and relax your body and take away all the tension from your muscles. There is a lot going on under the cushions than normal chairs and sofas. Massage chairs have vibrators, kneading mechanism to relax your muscles and leave your body feeling relaxed.

How Does A Massage Chair Work?

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Why massage chairs are used

Massage chairs are used as an on service massage parlor. Think of it as your own massage therapist at your tips. They are used to relieve back pains, neck strains, muscle cramps, joint pain, chronic pain, and to offer relaxation to your body. Massage chairs are used to offer you the most needed relaxation after a long day. They are super convenient than going to a massage parlor and cost-effective in the long run.

The principle behind the robotic massage chairs is pretty much basic and quite easy to get. The chairs are equipped with a device inside that gives you the sensation of being massaged. Massage chairs are different and they possess different massage elements ranging from vibrations to other complex massage techniques that improve with the technology. However, the ultimate purpose of a massage chair is to provide you with the necessary massage and relive all your tension.


This is achieved by the use of small devices with weighted gear or wheel inside the cushions. Most of the vibrating seats have motors that generate the vibrating motion that allows you to relax. The vibrating motion is transferred to your body parts and helps relieve the pain and tension. Furthermore, the massage chairs are designed in a way that they give you massage on all your body parts ranging from the legs, shoulders, neck, and your back. In some chairs, technology has gone a notch higher and they have included tapping motions that are effective on your back and lumbar region. An improvement to most of the vibrating chairs is to allow the release of pressure on the spine since the spine carries all the body weight and gets to be tense at the end of the day. Vibrating massage chairs are among the most common massage recliners in the market.

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Roller massage chairs

Roller massage recliners have rollers within the chair which role over your muscles and exert gentle pressure to relieve the tension and stress on your body. The inspiration behind this massage recliner is from the hands of a masseuse. The massage recliner is designed in such a way that it exerts the feeling of kneading and rolling actions by hands. Furthermore, these chairs come with multiple modes depending on the type of massage you are looking for. This ensures that the customers’ needs are taken care of and the customer is satisfied. Moreover, some massage roller chairs come with heated rollers that give you that feeling of being massaged with hot stones. This relieves the tension in your neck, shoulder, and back and it instantly leaves you feeling relaxed at all times. However, getting massage rolling chair that has warm rollers is on the high-end of the price chart but the comfort it will give you is all worth it.

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Airbag massage chairs

With the improvement in technology, the massage recliners keep on improving and getting better by the day. Airbag massage chairs are the latest invention in the market and offer more comfort and luxurious feel. They are designed with expandable airbags fiit6ed in the cushions; this gives the massage recliners that relaxing and bouncy feel to them. The mechanism used in these ergonomic chairs is they squeeze or roll on your muscles in a systemic way relieving all your muscle cramps and tension. Moreover, they work in a continuous motion that allows your muscles to be relaxed and feel the gentle pressure that will leave you feeling relaxed. Additionally, they have health benefits like improving your blood circulation and they do check your blood pressure.

What are the improvements done to the massage chairs over the years?

Massage chairs are solely dependent on today’s technology and their improvement is quite significant as there are new inventions each and every day. Comfort levels have also been increased since the introduction of the massage chair. Most massage chairs were first thought to be a luxury but with the modern lifestyle, they have been incorporated in the everyday household activities.


  • Introduction of premium materials

When the massage recliners were introduced to the market they were built from a fabric that did not give enough comfort. The introduction of premium leather made the massage chairs quite comfortable and one really enjoys a massage. The first fabric used could make you feel like you are sitting on the vibrators and rollers in the chair. High-quality materials took the massage recliners a notch higher.


  • Introduction of a full body massage chair

This was a great improvement for the massage chairs. A full body massage chair provided the comfort one would get from a masseuse in the comfort of your home. Moreover, some massage chairs have got the foot massage feature that gives you utmost comfort. Also, featured is the full control panel that allows full customization from head to toe and leaves you relaxed and tension free.


  • Improvement of the mechanics

One of the major breakthroughs that made sure that the massage chairs penetrated the market was the improvement of the mechanical aspect of the recliners. The massage chairs are equipped with rollers, heating elements to give you that deep heated massage experience to amazing control panels. Being able to customize your massage exactly how you want it is a fantastic experience and gives you the feeling of having your own masseuse at your fingertips. This experience provides an irreplaceable feeling in the comfort of your home.


No need to wonder how the massage recliners work because now you know everything. Get yourself the best massage recliner that you can afford and enjoy the luxurious feeling of a massage at your own home.

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