The Comprehensive Best Massage Chair Review 2018 – Simply the Best

The Comprehensive Best Massage Chair Review 2018 - Simply the Best

Massage recliners are in high demand in the market right now, and why shouldn’t they be? Everyone likes to relax at the end of a hectic day. Now, technology has helped to make the means of relaxation even better! Massage chairs not only provide you with intense physical therapy, but can amaze you with their intrinsic benefits.

Even though doctors speak in favour of the holistic benefits of massage therapy, hiring the right masseuse, getting appointments, and paying fees, which can sometimes get exorbitant, can prove to be incredibly difficult.

The Comprehensive Best Massage Chair Review 2018 - Simply the Best

The question is: why deal with all the fuss when you can have a massage recliner at home? These chairs are affordable and come with different modes of massage for all of us. So, if you are struggling with frequent body aches and are willing to try something new, keep on reading to find out our top choices in massage chairs.

Top Massage Chairs and Their Reviews

Kahuna LM-6800

There are a variety of massage chairs available in the market right now, but not everyone can spend a fortune on them. The Kahuna LM-6800 is a zero-gravity reclining massage chair, but it doesn’t consist of many features as compared to the rest of the high-end models. Still, it’s one of the most cost-effective massage chairs, and it ensures that you get the best bang for your buck in many ways.

Although high-end models are worth every penny, this one could be perfect for you as it’s reasonably sized and comes along with heat in the calf and lumbar area. It has 36 airbags and four rollers, which pretty much guarantee that you receive daily massages to reduce sore muscles, stress, and improve your blood circulation. In other words, this model will help you achieve better health.

The Kahuna LM-6800 is quite reasonably priced, and there’s no doubt about that. To be realistic, this is a pretty good purchase than the over-priced ones, and honestly, this product has quite a number of features similar to a premium reclining massage chair.

Kahuna LM-6800

Coming to its features, here’s a summary for you:

  • Zero gravity: It has two zero-gravity positions which shall make you feel like you are floating in the air.
  • Yoga body stretch: The yoga body stretch program installed will help you stretch your full body, hamstrings, and the spine.
  • Calf and lumbar heat: Heat therapy in the calf area, as well as the lower back, has proven to be excellent for relaxation and circulation.
  • L-track: It consists of quad 2D rollers, and they are adjustable so that you can go for a whole back massage.
  • Airbag: This product comes with 30 airbags along with 3-level intensity adjustment.
  • Vibration: The vibrating seat will soothe you and helps you release stress.
  • Computerised body scan: This technology is of big help when it comes to setting the chair’s air-cells and rollers into their right places.
  • Space saving: This chair doesn’t even take up much space. Just keep in mind to maintain a 5 inches gap between the wall and the chair.
  • Double foot rollers: With so many amazing features, it also comes with dual rollers for the foot area.

Since now we are aware of the features, it’s time to discuss the drawbacks as well before you make a final decision. Most of the customers are pretty satisfied, but few of them were not so pleased with the fabric of the foot roller portion. They claimed the material to be pretty thin, and the massage is too hard. But this can be fixed if you lay a towel to add some comfortable padding and it wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

The Kahuna LM-6800 is only available online, so you cannot try before purchasing it. Although it is made in China, and there might be problems when it comes to assembly, always go for white-glove delivery. This model only comes in beige, and that is little problematic for customers who are looking for a wide range of color options.

If your height is not more than 6 feet, this product will be good enough for you. But if you are taller than that, read on to go through more options listed below. Compare the brands and their products well before setting your heart on one in particular.

Luraco Technologies iRobotics i7

Although the Luraco Technologies iRobotics i7 has a long way to go until it leaves the competitors behind, the reviews and investigation so far indicate that it’s heading towards the right direction. In the realm of ZG massage chairs, Luraco Technologies iRobotics i7 is considered to be the best till date. The body detection technology installed and the highest number of air cells screams how fantastic this product is!

And that’s not it; the adjustability will surely offer you with the best experience, regardless of the height, body composition, as well as personal preferences. Luraco Technologies iRobotics i7 is probably the only model that is assembled in USA. After carrying out an intense research on its effectiveness and safety, FDA as well as UL approved this product as the medical massage chair. It also has super cool built-in speakers, mp3 player, and also comes with a warranty period of 5 years on parts, and three years on labor.

Luraco Technologies iRobotics i7

Now, let’s delve into the main features of iRobotics i7:

  • Double Foot Rollers: The double foot rollers come along with three airbags with the accompanying heat letting you enjoy a thorough massage on your feet.
  • Adjustable heat in seat, lumbar and feet area: The heat level can be adjusted and fixed independently in various parts.
  • Body stretching: This model consists of body stretching and feet stretching facilities, which will help to ‘decompress’ your spine.
  • Automatic programs: This product has nine massage modes installed in it- health massage, soft massage, quick massage, morning massage, night massage, sport massage, shiatsu massage, stretch massage, and TV mode.
  • Touch screen remote control: This remote control looks just like a smartphone and is very user-friendly. It works perfectly on OS advanced by Luraco Technologies.
  • Voice response system: This is probably the coolest feature. It understands several languages- English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Vietnamese as well as Japanese.
  • Genuine leather touch points: The surfaces where your head, shoulders, arms, and feet will be placed, all of them are made of genuine leather so that you do not feel uncomfortable. This guarantees a long life of this chair and also, genuine leather is usually found in the premium options. Hence, this product comes in handy at this price.
  • Good warranty along with after-sale support: This brand has issued a 3-year warranty period on this product and a 5-year warranty on its parts. They also ensured that you get the best customer service and after sale support. Moreover, this product has a commercial warranty of 1 year for parts and six months for labor, which is very rare in such products.
  • Easy to assemble: Undoubtedly, this chair is very simple and easy to assemble. All you need is the manual and some patience to set it up.
  • Dual 3D roller: This product consists of the dual 3D roller along with 5-level adjustable intensity as well as 32’’ S-track length. The intensity of massage in the shoulder, lower back and neck can be customized independently.
  • 100 Airbags: These 100 airbags will ensure that you receive a soothing massage from head to feet and the strength is adjustable.
  • Zero gravity: This helps to release tension and stress from your lower back as well as distribute the weight of your body evenly, opening a possibility of rejuvenating.
  • Body-scan technology: This body scan technology is very efficient since it maps your spine and decides which massage will provide you with perfect relaxation.
  • Memory settings for up to 5 users: With the help of memory settings, you can list down perfect sessions for five users in total.
  • Mp3 music system: Preload your favorite music and pair it up with massage because that not only creates a soothing mood, but also the music acts as an additional therapeutic when it comes to releasing stress.
  • Quiet operation: It doesn’t produce a single noise when the massage in on.
  • Ottoman leg length adjustment: It can be extended or retracted enough to fit anyone of 4’7’’ to 6’7’’ perfectly.
  • Adjustable health monitoring features: Luraco being the first FDA approved medical massage chair, it has an additional heart rate monitor and a piece of equipment to measure blood pressure.
  • Colour options: This product comes in cream, black as well as chocolate colors.

It is evident that Luraco Technologies iRobotics i7 is giving a hard time to the rest of its competitors. Practically, the 3D rollers are lagging behind than the rest and also, you can’t control them, which is a pretty significant drawback in this chair. And that’s just one of them.

Coming to the S-track, it would barely reach your thigh, unlike the rest which provides a decent length. But in the industry, Luraco’s S-track is considered to be better than rest of the models in this budget. All in all, the Luraco’s iRobotics7 is a winner when it comes to the advanced features aligned with reliability and quality.

Infinity IT-8500

The Infinity IT-8500 is gifted with versatile features at a very reasonable price that is going viral in the industry. This product has been declared to have the ability to perform like NovoXT or iRobotics7 because it simply has everything you would need- foot rollers, neck massage, heat features, head massage, audio speakers, body detection technology, etc.

What else do you think that you would need? Now, before diving into the functions of such amazing features, you should also keep one thing in mind: this product is very budget friendly. And that made it so popular in the market.

Infinity IT-8500

Let’s dive into the features and their significance:

  • Zero-gravity: It has 2 ZG positions which shall decompress your spine when you fully recline the chair. This has proven to be very useful for the body.
  • Mechanical Foot Rollers: The feet massage will be undoubtedly amazing with 3 foot rollers installed in this chair.
  • Tru-Grip V Stretch: This program will help you keep the body in place along with airbags by rolling you back forming a V-shape.
  • Mp3 player and Speakers: Store your favorite tunes in a flash drive, install it and enjoy the built-in speakers.
  • Comfortable for short as well as tall people: This chair has gained popularity in the market at a super fast rate for a reason. It can comfortably fit people of height 4’11’to 6’5’’ and is even suitable for tall people with broad shoulders.
  • Colors available: Available in black, taupe, and chocolate brown.
  • Quad S-track Rollers: It comes with a 30’’ long S-track that allows access to the neck area as well as the lower back portion.
  • Air-cell: 38 airbags, with amazing neck twisting and hip sway. That’s not the whole package. When airbags are pressed on your shoulders along with rollers working, it enables a spinal correction feature so that your body receives perfect massage.
  • Body Scan Technology: This technology consists of spinal rollers, which shall map your spine before every session so that you can get a precise and apt massage suitable for your body.
  • Heat in the Lumbar Area: If you have lower back issues, here is one quick solution: just heat in the lumbar area. That will help you rest easy.
  • Most extended Program: This product has been recorded to perform the most extended massage. It can run a program for 45 minutes whereas similar products in the market allow 5-30 minutes max.
  • Remote Control: Decent remote control where you can adjust the settings as per your comfort.

Agreed that the features are fantastic but can anything be so perfect? Not really! This chair also has a drawback- it doesn’t consist of a 3D roller. Also, many users found the chair to be bulky and pretty complicated to assemble. That’s solvable if you order white-glove delivery.

Few of them also claimed that the chair returns to its erect position right after a program is done, leaving no choice for the user to take a nap or relax a bit. If you do not find these drawbacks to be problematic, please go ahead and purchase the Infinity IT-8500 because so far, it is known to be a winner in its price range.

Human Touch Novo XT

Till now, we’ve come across some really handy models, but the Human Touch Novo XT takes the competition to a whole new level. The main advantage of purchasing this chair is that it can work as a space saver. It requires just 2 inches gap from the wall to gain a fully reclined position. Saying that, it has two significant disadvantages too: no heat functions in the lumbar area, and lack of ability to adjust massage intensity.

But don’t judge this chair so soon! Although the drawbacks are something to think about, here’s one bright aspect of this product- the massage strength for shoulders, neck, back and feet area can be customized independently. Moreover, this brand has issued a five years warranty period on labor, which is a pretty rare trait that can be found in only a few brands.

Human Touch Novo XT

Cutting some slack on the drawbacks, let’s focus on its significant features before getting to a decision:

  • Foot rollers: The intensity of these foot rollers can be adjusted ensuring that you get the perfect massage and feel relaxed.
  • Lumbar heat: The warmth will help your lumbar area feel comfortable and you would enjoy the massage overall.
  • Colors available: Available in various colors- grey, red, cream, black, and brown.
  • Zero-gravity: One ZG position in the lower back area, which shall help you feel more de-stressed than ever.
  • LCD remote control: The remote control is a decent one and pretty easy to use.
  • User’s height: Anyone under 6’9’’ would feel comfortable in this chair, which usually ends till 6’7’’ when it comes to the rest of the products in the market.
  • Warranty: This brand has issued a five years warranty period that covers labor, the structure as well as parts.
  • 3D L-track: This chair is the first one with a 3D L-track, which provides soothing 3D massage from thigh to head.
  • Airbag: It has a full body airbag, along with consecutive inflation as well as the ability to provoke acupoints. Also, the strength can be adjusted.
  • Full body stretch: With the help of stretches and bands, you would achieve relaxation as well as flexibility in your whole body.
  • Auto programs: There are 34 automated programs installed in this system to satisfy your preferences and needs, and is the highest number so far. These programs include facilities like full-body immersion and collection of programs for therapeutic relaxation. Also, you would be amazed by the recovery programs.
  • Bluetooth and speakers: You can connect phone via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite tunes played in the built-in speakers.
  • Wall-hanger: The sliding forward mechanism is a payoff. It requires only 2’’ space from the wall, unlike the rest.
  • Assembly: One of the best parts about purchasing this chair is it comes fully assembled from beforehand.

Although Human Touch Novo XT is a fantastic chair, it’s still not the best due to the absence of heat, customization is of a lower level, body detection technology is missing, and also, the Chinese assembly could have been better. However, if you are looking for a space saving model and the range of colors is a big deal for you, go for this one. Also, it comes with a considerable warranty period.

Features you need to keep in mind while choosing one

Massage chairs are creating a great hype in the tech industry and choosing a robotic chair among so many options in the market can be a little tricky. So, here’s a list of features that you should be aware of while getting one for yourself.

Zero-Gravity Feature

This is a feature placed in several positions so that your weight is distributed evenly. In simple words, you would feel like you are floating in the air, which in turn will help you feel even more relaxed. This feature is usually positioned in the lower back and can be found even in many non-massage chairs.

With that being said, don’t expect either to find this significant feature in all the models. The four best picks mentioned above are all zero-gravity, but there can be several other options where you can get a great massage even without getting in the ZG recline position.

Zero-gravity or no zero-gravity: the call is yours entirely! If your back is in pain, you should go for zero-gravity as it might work as pain relief. However, there’s one advantage of choosing a non zero-gravity chair- the rollers can help you reach further within the seat, providing you with a great buttocks massage. This drawback can be solved if you get a zero-gravity chair with an L-track or a longer S-track.

Number of Rollers and their Range of Motion

The basic concept about rollers is simple- more the rollers, better it is. Apart from that, the range of motion as well as the position matters.

o  Dual Rollers vs. Quad Rollers: These rollers are usually located in the back and provide a fantastic massage from neck to toes. Dual rollers mean two roller heads whereas quad rollers mean four roller heads. That’s the primary difference.

However, dual rollers can provide you with an intense massage. Quad rollers, on the other hand, provide a gentle massage but with pressure points spread throughout the body. So, if you do not like pads or cushions on massage chairs, double rollers are a better option for you.

o  2D 3D 4D rollers: The kind of rollers can be a little intimidating to choose. But here’s a little help for you. 2D rollers are the ones, which move from left to right and from up to down. With innovation, 3D rollers were introduced in the market, which can move not only right-left and up-down, but also forward-back, giving the feel of an actual masseuse placing pressures at the right points. 3D rollers topped the 2D rollers and became popularity in the market super fast.

Majority of these rollers do not have access to quad or feet area. Rollers are always more thorough than air-bags and also stronger. Hence, if feet massage is of great importance to you, definitely consider the ones having rollers beside air-cells in desired parts. Coming to the 4D rollers, they have the function of a 3D roller, but in this case, the rollers’ speed can be controlled, customizing them as per your needs.

o   S-track rollers vs. L-track rollers: The L-shaped track is created to provide a fantastic massage your glutes because the L-track curve reaches till your thigh.

Similarly, manufacturers came up with S-track rollers because our spine forms the shape of an S and hence it’ll perfectly fit the curvy spine. This way you will receive the most intense massage along with the whole back but it won’t reach any further beyond the lower back portion.

The length of an L-track is around 49 inches whereas the S-track is usually of 28 to 31 inches. That is entirely acceptable, and hence, you should compare the lengths of identical track types while choosing a massage chair.

If you are confused which track you should go for, the answer would be L-track as it gives more of a perfect massage than the air-cells massage chairs. However, only a handful of these chairs consist of an L-track but they do have pretty advanced features to back it up. So, it’s ultimately your call which is of more significance to you.

Massage Types and Programs

Manufacturers name the programs differently, but these roller motions are usually found in most of them- kneading, shiatsu, rolling and tapping types of massages.

o    Kneading: Circular pattern followed by the rollers.

o    Shiatsu: These rollers pressurize on acupoints to release stress.

o    Rolling: The simplest of the lot- up-down rollers.

o    Tapping: Imitates the massage technique “karate chop”.

If you are looking for Shiatsu massage, keep these two points in mind. Firstly, many chairs with rollers can be called “Shiatsu” and thus, you need to cross check whether they actually have the Shiatsu program or not. Secondly, this program targets the acupoints of your body and hence, the chair must have a pretty good body detection technology.

Many users also consider the stretching program which allows moving the body and stretching various parts. Massage cushions and the simplest chairs offer another soothing option- vibration. Many high-end models also include this program for additional relaxing.

Heat therapy

Heat is the ultimate therapy for an aching body. So, always pay attention to this point while choosing a model. You have to ensure that it has heating pads in suitable areas and the intensity of the heat can be customized.

  • Adjustability and Body-scan technology

Body-scan technology is of great significance when it comes to massage chairs because if you can’t find the right position to focus on or to place pressure, how would that massage be helpful for your body? If the process is not executed with utmost care, you might end up in pain and discomfort. Also, the footrest and armrest should be adjusted correctly to fit the length of your body.

Usually, many people face this trouble of being uncomfortable within a massage chair because the body constitution might not always be perfect enough to accommodate any size or weight. Thus, check the specifications of every model and keep an eye on the maximum weight and height range they are allowed to perform functions on. Also, check its reclined position so that your arms do not slip out and you can get cozy in the chair.

  • Number of air cells

The primary function of air cells is to massage your body by deflating and inflating. The fundamental idea is simple- more the number of air cells, better it is. Some of these air cells carry two or three layers, which mean each inflated layer will provide higher pressure on specific points within your body.

  • Audio, Screen and Remote control

Most of the high-end models come along with audio speakers, if not a screen. These speakers are built in so that you can install your favorite music and enjoy them while relaxing on the massage chair. Remote control facility is a decent one found in most of them. They are usually pretty easy to operate and thus, not a very important factor to focus on while choosing a massage chair.

  • Level of customization

You all have different preferences, right? Hence, it is vital that the massage, heat, vibration, etc. can be customized as per your needs. While purchasing a model, please look into the customization level of your massage, including intensity of heat, different levels of intensity, and focusing on specific parts with precise techniques. All in all, the chair should have a pretty good level of customization so that you can enjoy the perfect massage and not end up in discomfort.

  • Size and space required for operation (dimensions)

You do not want a robotic chair to take up most of the room. Usually, they are bulky, but it’s you who needs to decide how and where to place it so that it doesn’t take up much space. The dimension of the chair and the space required to perform a smooth operation are the only two aspects you have to keep an eye on if you want to avoid this situation. Here’s a little tip for you- look for the models advertised as wall-hangers; they usually require less space.

  • Easiness of set-up

Models like iRobotics7 are pretty easy to set up whereas the rest might need a tech guy to install it in your room. Most sellers offer white glove delivery. So, if you are not very sure that you can set it up on your own, feel free to order white glove delivery. But consider the ones that are easy to set up because tech guys won’t be available all the time. Some are even fully assembled before selling them out. It’s your call which is the right option for you.

  • Noise production

Massage chairs are usually very noisy since all the air pump, and motors work together. If such noise is problematic for you, consider the Luraco iRobotics7 since it is the quietest one so far.

Popular Massage Chair Brands

Choosing one model among so many is an overwhelming decision to make, and an inexperienced buyer might find it to be challenging. All you have to do is compare the best picks and get to a conclusion. Firstly, you need to know the brands to choose a trusted one that has the guts to stand up for its products. That’s the first step to ease you into making a choice.

Japanese brands are quite trustworthy since they have pretty good quality control. Their production of parts and assembly is totally impressive. Few of the best Japanese brands are- Fujiiryoki, Panasonic, Infinity, Inada, Osaki, and Ogawa. However, Fujiiryoki is the only 100% Japan-made, and the rest of them have productions in Japan as well as China or sometimes in Japan, but with Chinese parts.

Luraco is a USA brand, or you can say assembled in the USA since the parts are produced in Taiwan. Luracois considered to be one of the very best as the Taiwanese parts have proven to be better than most of the Japanese and Chinese parts. Moreover, the customer service provided by Luraco is unbelievable.

Next, let’s move to the Chinese and US brands made in China by respectable and reliable companies. Relaxology or Human Touch has been in the business for almost 40 years now. Kahuna, Cozzia, Omega, and uKnead are comparatively new in the market, but their reputation is excellent so far.

As of now, Fujita massage chairs are not highly recommended for users since it is made in China, but the company is located in California and has disappointing customer support. This is just a piece of advice; the rest is entirely up to you.

Now, this information could be little confusing for you- Asian chairs can mean both Chinese as well as Japanese, but their quality can differ drastically. Also, Korean chairs can also be referred as Asian, but the US market does not consist of a single electric massage chair made in Korea.

But recently in June 2016, a Korean company named Boyfriend mentioned that it is planning to launch stores in the USA by 2022.

You need to be little skeptical when it comes to the quality of Schultz Zycrapulse as recent research showed some recommendations for this model. So, go through the reviews mentioned on various websites to know more about it. Schultz created one massage lounge chair, but there is no certified information about it as in where it is made, no company name and the price is more than any expensive model. Also, reviews stated it to be mostly fake.

Many new companies pop up and vanish somewhere. Hence it is not possible to keep a count on all of them. Majority of them are made in China but sourced by US-based entrepreneurs.

It’s caught very often that new companies offer cost-effective products to engage more buyers such as Ideal Massage, Comfort Products, Forever Rest, TruMedic, BestMassage, Real Relax, Relaxonchair, and Relaxzen. You would find some popular models among this group like BestMassage 06C (EC-06C), WholeBody 5, AcuTouch, WholeBody 7, Zerog 5 and InstaShiatsu, but if you are not on a very tight budget, it is not recommended as a good buy.

These tips are just to help you review the brands:

  • Official website should be examined properly- whether it has valid contact information and a physical address. Check their products and reviews. In other words, the overall appearance of the website should be authentic.
  • Keep a check on the overview of the company on
  • Look up the review quality on

Massage Chairs That Worth Every Penny

Make sure you compare the prices of all the best picks because they can vary drastically. Suppose a vibration model cost $300 whereas a full body recliner is about $10,000. The reason for such difference is the list of technologies and features invoked within the model is not the same everywhere.

Usually, Chinese chairs are cheaper than the Japanese ones. Even among the same level recliners, it is quite noticeable that Inada, Panasonic, and Fujiiryoki are higher priced than Cozzia massage chair, Omega or Human Touch. Ijoy Active 2.0 and Ijoy 2580 belonging to the Ijoy chair line from Human Touch are pretty cheap, but they lack most of the useful features. Most of the Panasonic chairs are made in China, but they are very pricey.

Now, you must be aware that few brands introduce special price during holidays. So, always compare the special price vs. regular price. Also, decent discounts are issued on products quite often, especially on older ones. It’s evident that the more the budget, the better you would get. So, despite this wide range of prices, select your budget and go along with it. Do not worry; there is one in every range. If you are planning to buy an expensive model, these features will come in handy:

o    Air bags present in areas like arms, legs, and shoulders will be of better quality.

o    Presence of heat therapy.

o    Body detection technology.

o    Remote control facility.

o    Feet rollers.

o    3D rollers, if not 4D.

o    Customization level.

Nowadays, office chairs also have massage functions, but most of them have the low quality hardware.

Massage Chair Warranty, Production Quality, and After-sale Support

You can say Japan gave birth to robotic massage chairs and until recently, they were the most reliable ones. However, even they disappointed at times. So, excellent customer service and a decent warranty period are necessary for a good long run. Japanese models are a little pricey, and nowadays, few of these brands have begun to involve Chinese manufacturers to win the fierce competition going on in the market right now.

However, Japanese manufacturers are still preferred over the Chinese ones. Some of these Chinese companies started off well by producing their pieces of equipment with various brand names, but others are constantly breaking down, malfunctioning. That is the reason you should have proper knowledge of all the brands before spending your money on one.

Taiwanese parts are pretty famous in the market right now, and the reason behind this escalating fame is Luraco massage chairs, which were assembled in the USA, but the parts were Taiwanese. Their production quality is far better than China, and there’s no doubt in that. Luraco has issued a great warranty period as well as the US-based customer support is praiseworthy, and thus, even if a problem arises, it is solvable with minimal effort.

The range of a warranty period is from 1 to 5 years on parts and labor. Luraco also offers a commercial warranty for six months, and hence, it is perfect for business purpose.

The conclusion is Japanese chairs are fabulous if you are willing to pay a little more. Chairs made or assembled in the USA have good quality control and also reasonably priced. So, you can go for that. And if you are willing to get a Chinese model, carry out extensive research about the product before purchasing it.

Guidance for the buyer

High-end models can be a little complicated at times, and you can feel easily frustrated trying to understand which one to settle for. And it’s not your fault. With so many brands running in the market, it surely is an overwhelming decision to make. So, while choosing one, just look into the features, quality, warranty and customer support. That’ll help you make the final call.

Is it apt for you?

At the end of a tiresome day, you surely have an urge to receive a body massage when you’re tired, and your body is aching. It’s not possible to find someone around all the time to give you a massage neither can you visit a therapist without an appointment. So, what do you do then? If you want to avoid that kind of situation, here’s a deal- zero-gravity massage chair. Just sit in ZG position and start enjoying your massage.

The heat therapy and stretching is an additional gift to it. And all of these will be accompanied by your favorite songs played in the built-in speakers. That’s the dream, right?

It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete, an office goer or a home-maker, having a full body massage at the end of the day will surely be beneficial to you. Robotic chairs came into the Japanese market in 1954, and now, almost every household has one.

Studies have proven that regular massages can help you release stress, reduce muscle pain, fight anxiety, avoid depression and sleep well at night.

Top Models- Tall and Heavy

Our body composition varies from one person to another. We are going to discuss chairs which are suitable for a tall and heavy body. These chairs are specially made for people with broad shoulders or large waist so that their weight is evenly distributed on this model. Feel free to try the model before purchasing one and make sure you feel comfortable sitting in it.

  • LuracoiRobotics 7: Luraco Technologies is a renowned military contractor, and iRobotics7 is used at military bases for soldiers’ recovery in the US. iRobotics7 is a medical model upgraded from iRobotics6. If your height doesn’t exceed 6’7’’ and your weight is within 300lbs, then this is the one for you.
  • Infinity Iyashi: This is a ZG recliner and can accommodate anyone within a height limitation 6’6’’ and weight limitation 285lb.
  • Inada Dreamwave: This is one of the most versatile and fabulous chairs in the market. Inada made sure that all of their models can accommodate a person of 295lb and 6’5’’ and they also mentioned that if you fit comfortably in any of their models, feel safe to use them without any limitations.
  • Infinity IT-9800: This model is comparatively cheaper than the rest, but it doesn’t have an arm massager or a foot massager, 3D roller or airbag, speakers or Bluetooth connectivity. It’s a simple model with heat options and calf rollers. And anyone within 6’7’’ can fit in this perfectly.
  • Human Touch Novo XT: Any person within 6’9’’ inches height and weighing within 300lb can fit in this one comfortably. This model consists of the greatest technologies and has a slick design. Thus, there’s no doubt that this one is highly recommended for the users.

Best massage chair for a small body frame

If you have a small and dainty body frame, do not worry! We solved the problem for tall and heavy bodies. And now, here are some options if you have a petite body frame.

  • Inada Dreamwave: This is an excellent option for shorter people as it has “Youth Program” installed in it, which allows excellent massages for smaller body frames. In other words, anyone up to 6’5’’ tall can use this model graciously.
  • Infinity IT-8500: A cost-effective product but please ensure that the user is not more than 4’11’’.
  • Panasonic EP30007: Another option for shorter folks of around 4’6’’. This model is budget friendly and comes along with strong roller massage. It’s China-made and thus, lacks neck and upper arm massage. Also, the absence of 3D roller, heat therapy, and zero-gravity has managed to outdated this product.
  • LuracoiRobotics 7: This one is considered to be one of the best options due to its great features, and it can accommodate a person of height within 4’7’’.

Options for you to consider

So far, reviews have made it clear that Luraco iRobotics7 is worth it. If you think that’s not the one for you and you are neither interested in Infinity IT-8500 or Kahuna LM6800 or Human Touch NovoXT, read on to find more options for yourself.

Full Body Zero Gravity Massage  Chairs

Infinity Iyashi

  • Infinity Iyashi

If you are willing to go for zero gravity chairs, Infinity Iyashi is the one for you. It comes along with multiple features including a 49’ L-track, which is probably the longest in the market so far. Moreover, it has rollers in the feet area. This product has posture correction, stretch program, lumbar heat options and Bluetooth speakers available. And it requires an inch gap between the chair and the wall to perform the functions correctly.

However, this has got few drawbacks. Firstly, it was launched in the market almost five years ago when the technology was not so advanced, and thus, there is entirely no chance to have 3D or 4D rollers. Even with these disadvantages, this is barely outdated, and instead, it spices up the competition pretty well.

Non-Zero-gravity Massage Chairs

Inada DreamWave, Former Inada SognoDreamWave 

  • Inada DreamWave, Former Inada SognoDreamWave 

Another reliable Japanese model! It is assembled and designed in Japan, but Chinese parts are used in it. It has a 3D quad roller system acting like 4D. Only a handful of these models have such an excellent airbag massage system precisely made by a shoulder unit so that your shoulders receive the most intense care. Heat functions in lumbar and seat area, a stretch program as well as feet rollers are additional gifts. The vibration promotes relaxation, rocking the seat from one side to another forming an 8-shaped motion and the Youth Program is installed explicitly for children. Besides iRobotics7, this is the second quietest chair.

The only drawback of this chair is it lags behind the rest since it was launched in 2007 and the software got minimal updates in 2012. Although it is a pretty good model, the rest of the competitors are better.

Fujiiryoki EC-3800, Dr. Fuji Cyber-Relax 

  • Fujiiryoki EC-3800, Dr. Fuji Cyber-Relax 

This is wholly Japan-made and is probably the most famous brand there, which means it’s reliable and the quality is trustworthy. This chair consists of KiwamaMecha 4D knead ball system, which adjusts the speed as well as the time of all the 3D movements, imitating a human hand. This is a very rare function, and Fujiiryoki EC-3800 also comes along with excellent stretch programs and 18 automated pre-programmed massages. It is available in black and beige colors.

However, this model has two significant drawbacks- heat therapy not present and the height limitation is 6’.

Osaki OS-4D JP Pro

  • Osaki OS-4D JP Pro

This is entirely made in Japan. It’s a product by Fujiiryoki as Osaki’s private label. Hence, airbags and roller are of exceptional quality, consistent working procedure and relaxing massage come in order. Also, as an addition to all these, the Osaki OS-4D JP Pro has KiwamiMecha 4D rollers, which can adjust the heat in lumbar and feet area as well as customize the intensity of the massage.

Coming to its drawbacks, foot rollers are absent, the stretch program is not so great, and the S-track roller is defectively short being less than 22’’. Anyone of a height within 5’8’’ can fit in it perfectly but it was advertised with a maximum height limitation of 6’’.

So many brands, so many models, so many features! Yes, you are undoubtedly perplexed. Well, just make a list of pros and cons, note them down and there! You have the best pick. But if you are still not so sure, here’s what we think- Luraco Technologies iRobotics7 is the best overall, and Human Touch NovoXT is the second best.

But if you want the best budget chair, go for Infinity IT-8500 whereas if you are on a tight budget, you should consider Kahuna LM-6800. This is just an overview and a bit of advice.